Controlling the power of every great performance vehicle is an equally great transmission. Many of our customers who visit us at Fields Alfa Romeo asks our Alfa Romeo parts experts the connection between transmission and performance, and they’re always willing to answer this reoccurring question in full detail.  

If there was a list of the top five components that your car relies upon for day-to-day function, your transmission would easily take number one or two. Your transmission is designed to control the amount of power that is transferred to the wheels and can shift gears accordingly. The number of transmissions is almost as diverse and numerous as the types of engines and cars, however, you’ll most commonly find automatic, manual, and CVT (continuously variable transmissions) on the road.  

A great transmission can define the performance of your vehicle. Not only does this essential component control power, but how effective it can slip between gears can make a huge difference in your drive experience. A manual transmission is also very different from an automatic transmission. Get behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo coupe with a manual transmission and you’ll find yourself in full control of gear shifting, as the transmission relies on user input in order to function. On the other hand, an automatic transmission lends for a more seamless driving experience as the gears shift on their own once you’ve thrown the car into drive.  

While these transmissions are different, no specific type is technically superior to another. What defines a great transmission all comes down to what you expect of your vehicle. At our Highland Park, IL Alfa Romeo dealership, we sport a wide variety of exotic autos with an equally diverse set of transmission types. If you’re unsure of which will satisfy your performance itch, our well-versed technicians will help you make the right choice. No matter which transmission type tickles your fancy, you’re certain to find it at Fields Alfa Romeo.? 

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