Do You Know How to Change a Tire?


As a car owner, you know to expect the unexpected when on the road. This applies to everything, from the actions of other drivers to costly repairs and issues. One of the more common occurrences are flat tires. Our dealers at Fields Alfa Romeo want you to be fully prepared with whatever the road throws your way.

Changing Your Tire

The reasons for flat tires vary but one of the most common are sharp objects. Other causes include hot weather, rough roads, valve stem leakage, wear and tear, and lack of inflation. When you encounter one of these in your Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, follow the steps below to safely get back on the road.

Find a safe spot to begin. Slowly pull to the side of the road away from traffic.

Loosen lug nuts. Using your lug wrench, turn the lugs counterclockwise about ¼ to ½. Don’t remove them quite yet, though.

Jack the car up. Find the jack spot under the car, near the wheel you’re removing and crank clockwise until there’s space between the ground and tire.

Remove the tire for the spare. Fully remove the lug nuts and tire, then line up the studs to the spare and twist the lugs on without the wrench.

Tighten the lugs. Lower the car with your jack and grab your wrench to tighten the lugs.

Drive home. Use caution when making your way back home or to our Alfa Romeo dealership. The car will feel a bit different to drive and it’s key to remember that spare tires aren’t meant to exceed 50-55 mph.

Be sure to always watch where you’re driving and be prepared for unfortunate situations. We hope to see you at our new Alfa Romeo dealership soon!

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