There is nothing quite like sitting behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo, and at Fields Alfa Romeo, our team can make that possible. We’re an Alfa Romeo dealership that strives to always put the customer first, regardless of the situation. In support of that effort, we’re excited to show you how you can avoid getting a flat tire while out on the road.

Our tires aren’t indestructible. Like all car components, they are subject to wear and eventually breakage if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can avoid finding yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat.

First things first, be mindful of your tire’s tread levels. Tire tread is the various grooves that lace the surface of your tire, providing traction with the road. Over time, your tire’s tread wears out, putting you at greater risk of a flat. Fortunately, you can check your tire’s tread using the trusty penny test. Insert a penny into a length of tread, and if you can still see the top of President Lincoln’s head, it might be time to swap out your tires. An important service that helps distribute wear more evenly is a tire rotation, which should be performed on a routine basis.

Air pressure is another significant factor. Tires need to be inflated at a certain air pressure level. If one is beyond or below this level, you risk overinflating or underinflating your tire. Underinflated and overinflated tires are more susceptible to breaking, and can even hinder things like gas mileage and overall performance, among many other things.

Most of all, we always recommend drivers have a service team that they trust handling all their tire maintenance needs. Our dealership is home to dedicated Alfa Romeo service technicians who can ensure your tires are healthy and ready to hit the pavement. At Fields Alfa Romeo, we pride ourselves in being your primary source for all your automotive needs. 

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